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    beat365在线登录成立于2005年6月,是由山东财经大学、山东黄金集团联合举办,以实施全日制普通本科教育为主的高等院校。学校是全国应用技术大学(学院)联盟单位、教育部“数据中国产教融合促进计划”试点高校、全国创新创业实践联盟单位、美国注册会计师协会中国协会(USCPA China Society)理事单位,被誉为“优秀应用型财经人才的摇篮”。





Dongfang College, Shandong University of Finance and Economics is located in the world famous resort---Tai’an City, Shandong Province. Tai’an has Jinan, the Spring City on the north and Qufu, the Holy City on the south; the Mountain (Tai), Water (the Spring City) and Saint (Confucius) gather here, thus endowing it a profound culture. With the buildings visually intermingled and running water under the bridge clean and gurgling, the campus has a beautiful environment and unique architectural style and layout with untouchable cultural taste, which fully embodying the harmony of human and environment and the blending of tradition and modernity.

Adhering to the teaching idea of “with teaching as the centre, students as the body, service as the root and quality as the life”, sticking to the school motto of “Virtues, Ambition, Learning and Sincerity” and carrying out the teaching guideline of “Establishing the school by quality, developing the school by characteristics and strengthening the school by talents” and “All for the integrated development of the students”, the school attaches importance to teaching quality and applies itself to cultivating excellent talents of finance and economics.

Departments and Majors

There are over 8000 students in the school majored in four kinds of disciplines, namely economics, management science, physical science and literature.


 Teaching Staff

According to the idea of “Developing the school by talents” and pursuing “Strengthening the school by talents and governing the school by experts”, the school gradually builds a teaching staff combining full time teachers and part time teachers, with the chief lecturing professors and professional as the core and with the lecturers as the backbone. Meanwhile, we energetically introduce high-level talents preparing special investment and treatment for special persons with ability, and rapidly introduce the able academic leaders of every discipline.

Cooperation and Exchanges

Through cooperating with foreign colleges, creating the mechanism of “mutual admit of the credits” and actively experimenting the modes of “2+2”, “3+1” and “4+2”, the school promotes its teaching level. At present, the school has signed cooperation agreement or reached cooperation intent with American Universal Education Centers, Napire University of Britain, University of Mount Saint Vincent of the United States, Soonchunhyang University of South Korea.


Modern teaching, living and recreation and sports facilities such as the office buildings and teaching buildings complete functions, the students’ apartment and dining-room with all necessary facilities, and standard plastic playground are built. The school now owns the teaching appliances with a gross value of 11 million Yuan and books 20 thousand volumes.

 Campus Culture

Dongfang College, Shandong University of Finance calls for the mainstream of a clear, tender and elegant culture and for the team consciousness to lead the individual development; calls for the spirit of earnestness and opposes the random attitude; the school teaches the students the knowledge of social different, urges them to know themselves and pursue success; encourages the students to choose the orthodox culture instead of radical culture; advocates that students should change themselves instead of taking action all by oneself regardless of other and the collectivity.


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